5 Reasons Why Personal Development Is Important For Your Career

Success in the workplace hinges on more than just being proficient at the tasks you have been assigned and expanding on the academic aspects of your resume. These days, employers are also interested in seeing personal development in the employees they are considering for promotions, added responsibility, and bigger rewards.  Personal development refers mainly to […]

The top serves in Hawaii!

People living in Hawaii almost always fall into one of three basic categories: Regular’, intermediate’, or fast-food junkies. Almost everyone we meet has at least one favorite; Hawaiian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and even American fast food junkies are hard to find. Lately, I’ve noticed that a good number of my closest friends are making slow […]

What To Do When Encountering Food Poisoning

Who would want to experience the terrible symptoms of food poisoning? Sometimes people who just experience discomfort immediately think that it is food poisoning when in fact it could be something else like indigestion, gas, a simple case of overeating or it could be something else like achalano, which is easily prevented by knowing the […]